BodyHealth Virtual Appointments with Paul Cramer(RMT).
When you need a little help~

but can't see me in person.

What could be easier?

Virtual BodyHealth

Self Powered Health

How Do Virtual BodyHealth Appointments Work?

I will work with you to provide techniques you can do on your own:


If you've ever had a Facetime, Zoom, or a Google Meet video call, you're already familiar with having a virtual meeting. Generally, appointments include 4 parts

-Initial defining of concerns and goals
-Assessment -this can include area of injury, posture, painful areas, environment etc.
-Treatment protocol that can address concerns immediately will be suggested  with a detailed protocol to follow (normally a day or 2 later)
-Questions or concerns and defining next steps.

This may include:
Somatic exercises
Self Massage -trigger points 
SMR -self myofascial release (using balls or rollers)
PhysioBand exercises

Book your Appointment

Virtual appointments can be scheduled on-line through my scheduling software.

Prepare for Assessment

Make some notes on main issues and goals for your treatment program.

Meet for the Assessment

I ask a lot of questions in these assessments
-I may ask that you repeat some movements or activities that are causing issues

Program Delivery

In this session, we will go over your program in detail. activities and exercises will be demonstrated


-take time to implement your program -you can also connect with me through chat if you have questions you will receive an e-copy of your program

Follow-up Appointment

We will go over the program to gauge progress and make adjustments

Choose your Appointment Type

There are a variety of appointment types to choose from depending on the issues you are concerned with and your goals

BodyHeatlh Program

3 Session Program

These appointments are used to develop a self care program that you can complete at home.

assessment -30min

program -60min

follow-up -30min

BodyHeatlh 60

Virtual Appointment

These appointments are scheduled when we need more time to go over specific programs or to help you with your activities, injuries or pain concerns.

BodyHealth 30

Virtual Appointment

These appointments are to address a specfic area of concern. 

What is the issue?
What are the influencing factors?
What can we do immediately to address the issue?

Self Powered Health