A Different Approach

Well this is different: Integrative Functional Movement Therapy is a treatment meathod that is formed around 3 elements:

1. Integrative Functional Movement Bodywork (massage therapy that is based on functinal movement: -to identify root causes, compensation patterns, and lifestyle influences that are inhibiting "functional ease of movement".

2. Client Education

3. At home exercises or activities to develop health and fitness

Why I started
MovementSpark Clinic

Movement: when you think about it movement is a central element of how grow, develop and live our lives -if we don't move well or have pain, this can put limits on how we live our lives

Spark: (ignite, inspire, create interest, and illuminate)
-to show that getting better is not just wishful thinking -we can achieve it!

MovementSpark: To create interest, inspire, and develop capacity for healthy and active living.

After years of working with clients, I began to notice some common issues cropping up which were creating challenges to overcoming and resolving their injury or condition.

Lack of clarity: Often there is limited, easily understood information about their condition (medical profession providing medical diagnosis or profession specific information without really explaining it)

Sense of resignation or acceptance: usually begins with "well at my age" or "well, I sit all day" or "well, it's been like this for..."

Outdated beliefs pertaining to treatment and approaches: there are many old treatment protocls that have been shown to just not be effective but many are set as standard practice.

Bring it into the shop concept: A common phrase I hear is -I'm broken and can you fix it. Often clients don't feel confident that they can help in the healing and rehabilitation process - providing "at home" activities, lifestyle medicine, and client based knowledge shifts the process to be more of a collaborative approach.

My mission for MovementSpark Clinic is to provide access to client centred care and education so that clients are empowered to participate in their health and active lifestyle goals. 

To achieve this I provide bodywork, at home activities, and educational programs to increase health and fitness capacity.

Increasing capacity:

Currently I provide a unique form of bodywork that has 3 components:

1. Assess and identify root issues: Stage: Acute/Chronic Phase: Healing phase, ease of movement, and then strength and increased capacity.

2. Set realistic treatment and activity goals

3. Create a plan to achieve this


My guiding principles in treatment is to provide the knowledge, skills and capacity to transform the way we feel and move in our bodies ~and ultimately how this transforms how we interact with life.

Paul headshot

Paul Cramer RMT

Founder, Massage Therapist, Movement Educator

20 Years of Practice and Integrating movement and body awareness

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